“I trained with Jack during a crazily, busy time of my career. Jack could see my energy levels from the moment I walked in each day, and time after time he converted my energy into strength & focus.

I was ready to work hard, I just needed knowledgable guidance in terms of how to best work certain areas. Jack not only trained me, he taught me so much.

Jack’s one-on-one sessions were a favourite part of my week. His knowledge on all things health related is amazing & I put my trust in him with no regrets.”

Elyse Knowles - Jungle HQ
Rebecca Hearn Jungle HQ Testimonial


“I first met Jack in 2016 at an event he was presenting at discussing the positive impact certain modalities have on women’s bodies, self-esteem, and overall health. It was then that I made a decision to begin work with him.

It was here my love affair began with both weight training and nutrition. Jack created a safe space for women to learn and personally, these learnings have meant that I have become comfortable and confident within any weight room; not something that holds true for many women.

Jack’s knowledge and expertise are truly inspirational. In addition to any physical changes I now experience better sleep quality, less stress, and improved mental well-being.

I encourage anyone who is in search of a trainer or mentor to seek out Jack and leverage his skill set.

I have recently suffered with breast cancer returning to the gym after a right side mastectomy and this process has been entirely supported. It is his passion for learning and sharing that makes him a remarkable individual.”

Chloe Avanessian

“There’s good coaches and then there’s great coaches, and that’s what Jack is.

It’s hard to articulate what he’s done for not only my physical health, but mental health. It takes a special kind of person to completely change someone’s life.

I came to Jack as a lost girl with an eating disorder and came out as a strong woman who couldn’t care less about how many calories she consumes.

His knowledge and passion on training and health is expansive and definitely sets him apart from others in the industry.”

Jungle HQ - Client Results - Female
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